Nine truths about AlchemyPay (ACH)

I. What is AlchemyPay?


POS machine?


AlchemyPay is a payment consensus protocol system used to create “the world’s most adaptive decentralized (DeFi) encrypted payment ecological infrastructure”.

II. What are the characteristics of AlchemyPay?

Simple to use and highly adaptable

1. Use the simplest operation interface on the front end to allow the payee to realize cryptocurrency collection without too much learning;

2. Compatible with mixed payment of legal currency and encrypted currency;

3. Compatible with real-time exchange of different legal currencies and different cryptocurrencies;

4. Compatible with almost all mainstream payment methods such as POS, APP, and Web;

5. Compatible with almost all scenarios such as offline retail, e-commerce, online entertainment,

Alchemy Pay’s easy-to-use aggregated fiat currency payment channels

block transactions, supply chain finance, and transnational transactions.

III. Why can AlchemyPay be “easy to use and adaptable?”

Behind the simplicity is the fusion and pursuit of complex technologies: To achieve “easy to use, highly adaptable”, it is necessary to integrate dozens of complex technologies, and let the payee be in the front end with the simplest operation interface. Realize cryptocurrency collection without too much learning.

Technical advantages of AlchemyPay:

1. Blockchain network adaptation layer: Through the adaptation layer of the blockchain network, the AlchemyPay payment consensus protocol can be seamlessly deployed in various public chains; integrate LightningNetwork, RaidenNetwork, and StateChannelNetwork into an integrated network;

2. Commercialized payment based on various networks: zero-block secure payment confirmation technology; fast routing algorithm; multiple tokens multiplexing the same channel; lightning network channel capital intelligent balance; support for various payment modes, including PULLPAY, combination Payment, split account (split), batch collection/payment, etc.;

3. PULLPAY protocol: supports two payment modes of blockchain pre-authorization PULLPAY and lightning network PULLPAY to meet the needs of various subscription and repeat payment scenarios;

4. Cross-chain payment based on AtomicSwap: Cross-chain lightning payment is realized through AtomicSwap and PayChannel; many coins that do not support the Lightning Network support the Lightning Network through AtomicSwap and SubmarineSwaps to achieve fast payment; cross-chain combined payment of multiple blockchain currencies;

5. Machine learning-based risk control anti-fraud and quantitative transaction model: payment risk control anti-fraud based on machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms to ensure the security of the payment network; based on big data risk control to ensure the security of smart contracts; based on quantitative transaction models The collected cryptocurrencies are converted into stable currencies or mainstream currencies through a variety of quantitative strategies to hedge against the risk of currency price fluctuations and depreciation;

6. Smart contract template engine: Provides a visual and procedural smart contract customization interface, uses natural language to describe smart contract business rules, so that business personnel can understand and verify smart contract implementation logic; provide solutions to the smart contract and product level, Component-level, and interface-level packaging to meet application requirements at different levels and lower the threshold for smart contract use;

By integrating dozens of complex technologies, it provides various payment technology application solutions that are easy to use, safe and fast, and convenient to access for all kinds of developers who need digital currency payments, such as:

1. Game developers: SDKs that support mainstream fiat currency wallet payments and Crypto payments; RPG blockchain games based on StateChannel;

2. Wallet developers: With PULLPAY, offline merchants scan the QR code of the user’s wallet with a code scanner to directly deduct money; with PULLPAY, users will automatically deduct money from the user’s wallet after a certain deduction (such as a taxi);

3. DAPP developers: fiat currency and encrypted currency payment gateways for various DAPP applications; users directly use Token to pay, without ETH to pay for Gas;

4. E-commerce platform developers: use AlchemyPlugin/SDK/API to quickly have the ability to acquire legal currency and encrypted currency;

5. Payment service developer: quickly own a payment system of its own brand, support global mainstream fiat currency wallet payment, encrypted currency payment; based on the AlchemyPay platform, develop applications such as split accounts and local fiat currency C2C exchange;

6. Industry application developers: customer loyalty management developers, issue general points based on the Alchemy platform, and support general point consumption and exchange.

IV. What is the value of AlchemyPay?

Provide a set of feasible solutions for the further popularization of global digital currency.

1. Through the integration and optimization of technology, the problems of slow digital currency payment and excessive exchange rate volatility have been solved, and the feasibility of digital currency payment has been technically realized;

2. Through the combination of cryptocurrency and legal currency (users pay digital currency, merchants receive legal currency), it is customary to enhance the willingness of merchants to accept digital currency;

3. Through the upgrading of collection units and the continuous expansion of merchants through important companies with core resources, so as to create payment scenarios for digital currencies in the world;

V. On the basis of the AlchemyPay consensus agreement, which business sectors will be established?

Alchemy Pay Eco Map

1. Payment: establish a hybrid payment system combining digital currency and legal currency by integrating legal currency, digital currency, exchanges, and digital wallets;

2. Network (Merchant Network): By integrating banks, payment companies, SaaS companies, consumer groups, etc., who have merchant resources, it is enough to establish real digital currency transaction scenarios on a global scale;

3. DeFi (Decentralized Finance): Build an aggregated decentralized financial platform by integrating digital wallets and DeFi applications;

4. Trust (trusted assets): through the integration of banks, payment companies, and other channels, we propose a hybrid financial scoring system that combines digital currency and legal currency.

Remarks: AlchemyPay’s business segments are currently in their infancy. Among them, Payment and Network have been launched and put into application, while DeFi and Trust are still in the underlying technical architecture stage and have not yet been put into application.

VI. What achievements have been made in AlchemyPay’s business so far?

In the two major business segments of Payment (payment) and Network (merchant network) that have been launched, they are currently implemented in 18 countries and regions around the world and have more than 100,000 supporters in communities such as Telegram and Twitter. , Payment institutions, enterprises, digital currency exchanges, digital wallets, etc. to complete the integration.


At present, it has integrated WeChat Pay, Alipay, Visa, Master, Dash, GrabPay, Nets, and other legal currency payment systems, and supports mainstream digital currencies such as BTC, ETH, USDT, BCH, BNB, and is compatible with hundreds of digital currency wallets such as ImToken and Trust. It has reached deep business cooperation with Binance, Huobi, Gemini, Celo, Cobo, and other well-known blockchain institutions on a global scale to jointly establish a digital currency payment ecosystem.

Network (Business Network):

At present, more than 2 million reserve merchants have been signed up, of which more than 3,000 are actually in operation. Access includes:

1. Shopify (an international e-commerce giant with a market value of more than 120 billion US dollars);

2. Arcadier (SaaS organization serving enterprises in more than 130 countries around the world);

3. QFPay Group (with more than 1.2 million merchants worldwide);

4. Singapore has more than 2500 business courtesy cars located in high-end consumer places such as airports, Universal Studios, and five-star hotels;

5. CeLaVi, the top floor of Singapore Sands Hotel, a global landmark;

6. The famous fashion brand Aldo;

7. Pricerite, a listed company on the Hong Kong Main Board, etc.

AlchemyPay embeds QFPay and Shopify’s digital currency payment

VII. Why can AlchemyPay contract more than 2 million reserve merchants?

AlchemyPay is different from traditional payment companies in terms of operation. It adopts a one-to-one contracting model. Instead, it cooperates with institutions with many merchant resources and adopts a 2B2C business model to find partners with merchant resources (such as payment institutions, SaaS companies), E-commerce groups, etc.), so that you can integrate as little as a few hundred, as many as tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of merchants.

VIII. Why does AlchemyPay issue ACH?

Use ACH to make payments in global stores

The purpose of ACH issuance is to govern the AlchemyPay ecosystem and promote the popularization of digital currency through the governance of the AlchemyPay ecosystem and rewards for early contributors to the system.

For example: At present, more than 2 million reserve merchants have been signed, and more than 3000 of them are actually in operation. Most of these merchants are connected directly before the issuance of ACH, so AlchemyPay needs to bear a lot of market costs and training costs, and It is very difficult to control budgets and distribute rewards reasonably; but after enabling ACH incentives, the value of ACH will be anchored with marketing costs, and supernodes (such as payment institutions, SaaS companies, e-commerce groups, etc.) will assume the market The responsibility of promoting and training nodes (merchants), the system will be based on the supernodes and nodes that accept digital currency payments, and will be rewarded based on the connection time, node level, and transaction volume, so as to promote the digital currency payment scene in the world more quickly set up;

IX. What behavior can obtain ACH?

1. Through the AlchemyPay payment system, supernodes (banks, payment companies, SaaS, etc.) and nodes (merchants), accept digital currency payments;

2. Merchants who use the AlchemyPay payment system choose to use digital currency instead of legal currency to pay;

3. Participate in specific activities or purchase specified goods on the platform supported by the AlchemyPay payment system;

Note: The 51% mining of ACH is expected to go online for half a year, that is, 2021.3.7. Before that, if the trial run reward is enabled, the monthly community & team incentive quota will be occupied.

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